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5 Great Exploration Stories: From Everest to the Moon

By Anne Cullison. Jul 17, 2014. 9:00 AM.

Topics: Science

What makes a great exploration story? Is it bold? Is it real? Or is it just something that makes you experience your very own adrenaline rush?

Here are five of the best exploration and adventure stories out there:

Crossing Greenland

The First Crossing of Greenland

Nobel Laureate Nansen's account of his crossing of Greenland 1888-1889, translated from Paa ski over Grønland by H. M. Gepp. With the additions of a preface by J. Scott Keltie, a chapter on The Eskimo of Greenland, index and tables of illustrations Details>>


Annapurna: The First 8,000 Metre Peak

The conquest of the first 8,000-meter peak by Maurice Herzog, leader of the French Himalayan Expedition in 1950. At that time, Annapurna was the highest mountain ever climbed. Herzog's account of the descent at conditions perceived unsurvivable remains unforgettable, an epic tale of courage and spirit. Details>>


Conquest of Everest

The Conquest of Everest

The complete, authoritative and deeply moving story of the momentous conquest of Mount Everest by Sir John Hunt's British Expedition, including Sir Edmund Hillary who gives his own personal account of the final assault on the summit. In his Foreword, H. R. H. The Duke of Edinburgh writes: "In the human terms of physical effort and endurance alone, it will live in history as a shining example to all mankind." Details>>

Skelton: The Arctic

The Antarctic Journals of Reginald Skelton

Reginald Skelton was the chief engineer and official photographer on Captain Robert Scott's first expedition to Antarctica in 1902. Upon the crew's return home in 1904, Skeleton's journal, notes, and photographs became the basis of a wildly popular public exhibition. Skelton's granddaughter Judy has collected and edited all of her grandfather's journals and notes from the Discovery Expedition and compiled the materials into this groundbreaking account of early Antarctic research and exploration. Details>>

Buzz Aldrin: Men from Earth

Men from Earth

In his book, Aldrin, the second man on the moon, interweaves the story of U. S. And Soviet efforts to reach the moon with his first-hand experience flying both the Gemini and Apollo missions during the height of the space race. His recounting of his two space flights is compelling, especially the account of the nearly aborted Apollo 11 lunar landing.  The result is the best account to date of how the enormous program was successfully accomplished. Details>>


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