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The Books That Inspired Disney: Part 5

By Adrienne Rivera. Jun 30, 2023. 10:03 PM.

Topics: Children's Books, Movie Tie-Ins

Welcome back to another examination of some of the films that inspired your favorite family movies from Walt Disney Animation Studios. Today we consider yet more folktales but also some of the most classic and well-loved characters in English language literature. Whether the characters are from classic plays or pulp fiction, you will surely find some new favorite books on this list. Let's take a look at a new selection of films in the fifth and final edition of our Books That Inspired Disney series:


The Books That Inspired Disney: Part 2

By Adrienne Rivera. Jun 18, 2023. 6:30 AM.

Topics: Children's Books, Movie Tie-Ins

Today we continue our look at the books that inspired the movies by the legendary animation studio Walt Disney Productions. While Disney's animated features are sometimes original stories, more often than not, the studio turns to the world of literature for inspiration. Whether classic folk tales or beloved children's books, Disney frequently transforms beloved stories into a new form for children of all ages to enjoy. Let's take a look at a new selection of films in the second edition of our Books That Inspired Disney series:


Top Quotes from L.M. Montgomery

By Adrienne Rivera. Jun 11, 2023. 7:23 AM.

Topics: Children's Books

Talk to anyone about the most beloved characters in children's literature and Anne Shirley is sure to come up. First introduced in L.M. Montgomery’s 1908 novel, Anne of Green Gables, the earnest and precocious Anne, don't forget the "e," quickly made a place for herself as a mainstay on children's bookshelves. Throughout her career, Montgomery published twenty novels and hundreds of poems and short stories. Her work turned her home, Prince Edward Island, into a tourist destination and made her one of the most recognizable names in Canadian literature, known and loved throughout the world. Join us today as we take a look at some of the best quotes from Montgomery's Anne of Green Gables series:


Book-to-Film: The Books That Inspired Disney - Part 1

By Adrienne Rivera. Jun 4, 2023. 5:30 AM.

Topics: Children's Books, Movie Tie-Ins

Since the innovation of motion pictures, filmmakers have been turning to literature for inspiration. Some of the earliest silent movies were adaptations of famous stories that would have been well-known to audiences of the time. With the advent of animation came even more opportunities to adapt beloved stories in a new format.


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