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The Bond Dossier: Octopussy and The Living Daylights

The Recent Translations of Sigizmund Krzhizhanovsky

The Short Life of Feminist Margaret Fuller

Revisiting Arthur Koestler's Darkness at Noon

Books that Medaled: Lesser Known Caldecott Winners

Top Five Memorable Ian Fleming Characters (Who Are Not James Bond)

Visiting Jack London's Ranch

Ten of the Best Quotes About Mothers in Literature

Best Books on Indonesia

The History of Children's Literature: Part 1

Collecting the Poetry of Leonard Cohen

VLOG: Paper Marbling

A Snapshot of J.M. Barrie

The Lasting Legacy of Athol Fugard’s Dramatic Works

Authors As Both Novelists & Screenwriters

The Witty Textbook Parody Jane Austen Wrote at 15

Four Phenomenal Editions from Arion Press

Famous Lost and Destroyed Manuscripts

Worker's Influence: The Literature of May Day

The Travel Writing of Henry James

Sharing the Nobel Prize in Literature

Ten Pounds for Paradise Lost?

A Reading Guide to Daniel Defoe

Important Elements of Provenance in Rare Book Collecting

How to Prevent and Reverse Foxing in Rare Books

Ernest Hemingway's Feelings Toward F. Scott Fitzgerald

VLOG: How Is Vellum Made?

The Bond Dossier: The Man With the Golden Gun

Best Books on New Zealand

Ezra Pound and Mentally Ill Writers

Franklin Library Editions: Ideal for Book Collectors?

Salman Rushdie's Novels on Film

Collecting Striking Editions of the Rubaiyat

Collecting Nobel Laureates: Gabriel García Márquez and Octavio Paz

Esther Forbes: First Female Member of the American Antiquarian Society

Bird & Bull: A Fine History of a Fine Press

Multilingual Literature of Singapore

First Books vs. First Editions: The Difference and Significance

Famous Writers and Their Famous Spouses

Collecting Nobel Laureates: Miguel Angel Asturias & Pablo Neruda

George MacDonald: Master of Fantasy & Religious Thought

Writers of Ghazals and Persian Poetry

Rethinking Form: Musician Lou Reed's Short Stories

Novelist Ken Kesey's Life and Work

Lars Bo's Literary Engravings

Collecting Limited Editions Club Publications

Visiting Ralph Ellison's Papers at the Library of Congress

Five Famous Hawaiian Authors

Yasunari Kawabata, Winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature

The Bond Dossier: You Only Live Twice

Libraries and Special Collections: The Geisel Library at UC San Diego

Five of the Best Books on India

Celebrating the Life of Nobel Laureate Derek Walcott

Collecting Nobel Laureates: Saul Bellow

The History Behind William Styron's Fictional Nat Turner

Buying Rare and Antiquarian Books in Finland

Win the Man Booker Prize, Sell More Books!

Family Endurance: The Vicar of Wakefield

What Exactly Is Young Adult Literature? A Brief History

Five Fun Facts About Winston Churchill

Collecting Nobel Laureates: Gabriela Mistral and Mario Vargas Llosa

Writers Who Have Published Both Comic Books & Novels

Researching in the J.M. Coetzee Papers at the Harry Ransom Center

Arthur Miller: Writing During the Red Scare

Collecting Patricia Cornwell, Master of Mystery and Suspense

Rainer Maria Rilke: Travel, Poetry, and the Search for Morality

Famous Writers Who Lived in New York City's Chelsea Hotel

Happy Birthday, John Steinbeck!

David Hockney’s Illustrations of the Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales

VLOG: Five Videos on the Art of Gilding

Literary Giants and the Nobel Prize Museum in Stockholm

Three of the Best Books from Poland

Visiting the Newberry Library in Chicago

The Bond Dossier: On Her Majesty's Secret Service

Read More Poetry: The Langston Hughes Edition

Visiting Thomas Wolfe’s Old Kentucky Home in Asheville, NC

Five of the Best Couples in All of Literature

Buying Rare and Antiquarian Books in Costa Rica

Charles Lamb vs. Bob Dylan: Rereading and Retelling Shakespeare

Sam Shepard's Wildly Varied Literary Career

Kate Chopin's Personal and Literary Awakening

How the Iowa Writers' Workshop Proves the Value of an MFA

Seven Famous Literary Cafés

Best Books on Canada

How Ulysses Got Published

Saving Langston Hughes' Home

Thomas Merton and the Dalai Lama: Spiritual Brothers

Read More Poetry: The Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Edition

Reimagining Detroit: The Fiction of Jeffrey Eugenides

Thomas Bewick's Most Noteworthy Engravings

South African Literature in the Early Days of Apartheid

Edith Wharton's Bygone New York

Politics & the Nobel Prize: The Works of Naguib Mahfouz

Collecting Famous Inaugural Addresses

Iowa City as a UNESCO City of Literature

Beyond Winnie-the-Pooh: A. A. Milne's Lesser Known Work

Anne's Accent: Imagining the Voice of Anne Brontë

Learning More About New Zealand Literary Journals

A Twentieth Century Literary "It" Couple: Charles and Kathleen Norris

Legendary Book Editors: Maxwell Perkins, Gordon Lish, Robert Gottlieb

Getting to Know Tomas Tranströmer

Best Books on Finland

VLOG: The Art of Etching

Four of the Best Books from Argentina

Umberto Eco: A Retrospective

The Bond Dossier: The Spy Who Loved Me

Collecting J.R.R. Tolkien: His Letters

The Best of 2016: Our Ten Most Popular Blog Posts

Bessie Head's Experience at the International Writing Program

The Great Friendship of Charles Dickens and Wilkie Collins

The Obama Presidential Library

Freedom of the Press Battles in America

Influential Images: The Night Before Christmas

Multifaceted Creativity: Jim Dine as Both Artist and Poet

Local Legends: The Book Club of California

First Day of Winter Reading Guide (Or, Four Strategies for Ringing in the Season)

VLOG: Four Videos on the Art of Chromolithography

Why Did Ernest Hemingway Despise Ford Madox Ford?

Test Your Jane Austen Knowledge Against These Facts

Native American Writers and Artists in N. Scott Momaday’s Family

The Tie That Binds: The Importance of Binding in Rare Book Collecting

Historical Accuracy of Little House on the Prairie

Portraits of Appalachia: Stereotypical Images of the Mountain Man on Local Color Literature

A Guide to Buying and Collecting Signed Books

45th Anniversary of Pablo Neruda’s Nobel Prize

Willa Cather and Pioneer Novels

Children's Books: A Gift Giving Guide

Vladimir Nabokov’s Recently Published Letters to His Wife

The Bond Dossier: Thunderball

Your 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

Lies, Damned Lies, & Quotations: The Quotable Mark Twain

The Many Joys of Gardening Books

Visiting Literary Homes in Moscow, Russia

7 Videos to Take You Inside the Craft of Paper Making

A History of Book Ownership in the American Colonies

Three Book-Inspired Recipes for Thanksgiving Day

Toni Morrison Papers Now Open to Students and Researchers

A Brief History of Typography

Collecting and Preserving Broadsides

Read More Poetry: The Maya Angelou Edition

Christa Wolf, Awarded Authors, and the Deutscher Bücherpreis

The Importance of Condition in Rare Book Collecting

Pablo Larraín’s Film About Pablo "Neruda”

The Bond Dossier: Goldfinger

A Brief Guide to Collecting the Works of Eric Gill

Visiting the New Zealand Home of Katherine Mansfield

What to Read on Election Day

Buying Rare and Antiquarian Books in Sydney, Australia

Collecting Legendary Works of Psychology

Saving the French Home of James Baldwin

Aurora Teardrops: An Interview with Author Harold Budd and Artist Jane Maru

Favorite Children's Books of Famous Authors

Beyond Horror: Spooky Books That Are Actually About Halloween

Ten of the Best Quotes from Evelyn Waugh

A Brief History of Papermaking

Women Writing War Literature

Primacy and Rare Book Collecting: The Value of Being First

Index of Influence: Archiving Pablo Neruda’s Poetry and Politics

The Varied Works of Doris Lessing

VLOG: Six Videos on the Art of Woodcut Printing

Buying Rare and Antiquarian Books in Mexico City

Visiting the Nadine Gordimer Papers at the Lilly Library

An Introduction to The Golden Cockerel Press

The Playful Madness of Umberto Eco's Foucault's Pendulum

The Ten Best Moments From Winnie-The-Pooh

Congratulations to the 2016 Nobel Prize in Literature Winner, Bob Dylan

Five Underrated Children's Books

Four Writers Who Had Messy Political Views

Nine Interesting Facts about Walt Whitman

Beyond Schindler's List: The Work of Thomas Keneally

Experimental Archaeology: The Legacy of Thor Heyerdahl

How Rigoberta Menchú Tum's Autobiography Helped Win the Nobel Prize

Anne Rice's Top Five Novels

Join Us for the 2016 Seattle Antiquarian Book Fair

The Bond Dossier: Dr. No

Remembering the Legacy of Elie Wiesel

Book It: Five of the Most Interesting U.S. Libraries

Interview with Mónica Montes at the Library of David Alfaro Siqueiros

Polite Society and the Novel: Finding Heirs to Jane Austen & Edith Wharton

Read More Poetry: The Rudyard Kipling Edition

Learning About the International Prize for Arabic Fiction

Seven of the Best Reads for Autumn

Stephen King: Modern Literature's Master Craftsman

Why Donald Hall Only Gets Wiser with Age

Five Interesting Facts About Ken Kesey

Why Adults Shouldn't be Embarrassed to Read YA Literature

Collecting Signed Books with Movie Tie-Ins

William H. Armstrong's Newbery Legacy

VLOG: Seven Videos On the Art of Making Books By Hand

J.M. Coetzee on Literature and Psychoanalysis

The Bond Dossier: From Russia with Love

Buying Rare and Antiquarian Books in Seoul

Malcolm Bradbury's Personal and Literary Legacy

A Brief History of Woodcut Illustrations

Tortilla Flat: A Little Book and a Big Controversy

Best Books from Postcolonial Sudan

Six Interesting Facts About Edgar Rice Burroughs, the Author of Tarzan

The Stories of American Immigrants

The Top Five Children's Books By Virginia Lee Burton

Libraries & Special Collections: Fantastic French Libraries

Everything You Need to Know About Two Ponds Press

Kingsley and Martin Amis' Family Rivalry

Reading Borges into Dickens

Seven Perfect Summer Reads by Nelson DeMille

The Brontë Society's Bicentennial Brawl

VLOG: The Art of Fine Bookbinding

Specialist Announces Earliest Dust Jacket Dates from 1819

Eight Fascinating Facts about V.S. Naipaul

Why We Can Stop Reading Charles Bukowski

William Faulkner’s The Sound and the Fury in Color

Walter Dean Myers' Impact on Young Adult Literature

Science Fiction Book by A.I. Written in Japan

Postwar Germany in the Works of W.G. Sebald

Six Facts About Henry David Thoreau's Walden

Alfred and Maud: Tennyson's Favorite Tennyson

What to Read for the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games

Collecting Rare Cookbooks

Let’s Get Some Sun: A Literary Tour of Florida

Holling C. Holling: Stories and Lessons

Read More Poetry: The Robert Frost Edition

How the Paperback Book Transformed American Culture

Mixed Reviews of J.R.R. Tolkien's The Fellowship of the Ring

Little Known Facts About Beatrix Potter

The Big Apple: Four New York City Writers You Should Be Reading

George Bernard Shaw: The Art of Quotation

The History of the Pulps

The Legend of the Pied Piper

The Top Five Children’s Libraries From Around the World

In Praise of Cormac McCarthy's Blood Meridian

Collecting Indigenous Sámi Literature

How Theodor Geisel Became Dr. Seuss

Five Interesting Facts About Clive Cussler

Collecting Nobel Laureates: Isaac Bashevis Singer

Political Playwright: Wole Soyinka

VLOG: The Art of Wood Engraving and Printing

Busy as He May Be, Dean Koontz Cares About His Collectors

Nothing But Land: A Literary Tour of the Great Plains

The Bond Dossier: Diamonds Are Forever

Collecting Art Books

How the Founding Fathers Help Us Understand Ourselves

Nine Fascinating Facts about Franz Kafka

Elie Wiesel: Reluctant Writer and Collectible Nobel Laureate is Dead

Collecting Nobel Laureates: Eugenio Montale & Dario Fo

Czesław Miłosz's Political and Literary Legacy

Five of the Coolest Libraries for Children in the U.S.

Luigi Pirandello's Four Nobel Prizes

A Brief Introduction to Eric Carle

Did Shakespeare Really Write His Plays?

Michael and Jeff Shaara: Masters of Historical Fiction

Five Interesting Facts about Jean-Paul Sartre

Why It's Time to Appreciate Lillian Hellman Again

Reading with Dad on Father's Day

The Profound Magical Realism of Chris Van Allsburg

John Hersey and the Power of Seeing People

Why You Shouldn't Miss Out On Amy Clampitt's Poetry

The Jerzy Kosinski Controversy

The Significance of Anne Frank's Private Humanity

Five Interesting Facts About William Styron

The Interesting History of Copyright Law

Buying Antiquarian Books in Stockholm

D-Day: What to Read in Remembrance of World War II

Uncle Tom's Cabin: The Book That Changed Everything Forever

Happy Birthday, Larry McMurtry!

Five Facts About Thomas Hardy

The Bond Dossier: Moonraker

Ten Patriotic Reads for Memorial Day

The Loneliness of T.H. White, the Man Who Wrote of Kings

Rachel Carson: Mother of the Environmental Movement

Alexander Pushkin & the Beginning of Russian Literature

Six Surprising Facts About Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Persistent Voice of Mikhail Sholokhov

Arnold Lobel: The Anatomy of a Fable

Home On the Range: Five Writers from the American Southwest

Collecting Books with Woodcuts

The Bond Dossier: Live and Let Die

John Patrick: Workaholic of the Stage and Screen

Collecting the Legendary L. Frank Baum

The Magic of Artemis Fowl and Eoin Colfer

Happy Limerick Day: A Brief History of the Limerick

The Triumphant Artistic Vision of Camilo José Cela

When Rivalry Begets Tragedy: The Astor Place Riot

Watership Down: An Improvised Classic and Bestseller

Great Books for Mother's Day

Five Little Known Facts About Robert Browning

The Enduring Relevance of The Grapes of Wrath

Five Mexican Authors You Should Read on Cinco de Mayo

Quo Vadis & Beyond: Henryk Sienkiewicz's Notable Works

Collecting the Complicated Classics of Caribbean Literature

Władysław Reymont's Unlikely Journey to the Nobel Prize

Four Examples of May Day in Literature

Where Eternity Clips Time: The Transcendentalism of Annie Dillard

5 Contemporary Poets You Should Be Reading Right Now

Revisiting the Good (and Bad) Aspects of Go Set a Watchman's Release

The Legacy of Ludwig Bemelmans

The Bond Dossier: Casino Royale

Top Five Poets Who Wrote for Children

Six Cool Facts About the Library of Congress

Could William Shakespeare Have Been Catholic?

Writing the PNW: A Literary Tour of the Pacific Northwest

Visiting the Homes of Mark Twain

Edgar Allan Poe: Father of Detective Fiction

42: A Literary Celebration of Jackie Robinson Day

Thomas Middleton and British Playwrights

Chaucer's Day Job in the Court of the King

The Significance of The Golden Notebook

Happy Birthday to Nobel Prize Winner Tomas Tranströmer

The History and Significance of Dictionaries

Three Seamus Heaney Poems You Should Know

Literature of the Civil War

Collecting Nobel Laureates: Luigi Pirandello and Salvatore Quasimodo

Three Writers Who Knew What Was So Great About Gatsby

4 Hans Christian Andersen Stories That Are Way Stranger Than You Think

Five Interesting Facts about Barbara Kingsolver

Donald Barthelme: Postmodern Master

3 Rare Editions of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Copper Canyon’s Release of “The Lost Poems of Pablo Neruda”

Announcing Our 2016 Rare Book School Scholarship Winner!

Book Traces Interview with Professor Andrew Stauffer

Remembering Imre Kertész (1929-2016)

Books Tell You Why Acquires Shakespeare-Signed First Folio

From Gogol's Overcoat: Nikolai Gogol's Life and Legacy

Buying Antiquarian Books in Spain

Conrad, Madox, and Hemingway: Uncommon Commonalities

The Remarkable Life and Work of Mario Vargas Llosa

The Rewards of Louis Simpson's Poetry

Nine Interesting Facts About Tennessee Williams

Hello, Mr. Bond: 10 James Bond Villains You Should Know

How to Make a Living as a Writer, According to Jack London

Morocco in the Literary Imagination

Randolph Caldecott: The Man Behind the Medal

World Poetry Day: Ten Poets You Should Read

The Rhythm of a Writer: The Unlikely Journey of Bill Martin Junior

Collecting Winnie-the-Pooh

Why You Should Read the Works of Bohumil Hrabal

Something Like Poetry: Harold Budd’s (Beautifully Bound) Verse

Practically Magic: The Works of Alice Hoffman

Five Influential Books by Nadine Gordimer

Welcome to Middle Earth: Collecting Unusual Tolkien Publications

The Fitting Friendship of Kazuo Ishiguro and Caryl Phillips

Six Things You Didn’t Know About Virginia Hamilton

Caldecott Winners You Don't Know About...But Should

The Origins and History of the American Short Story

Five British Journalists Who Made a Difference

Robert Sabuda and the Art of Pop-Up Books

Collecting Nobel Laureates: Giosué Carducci and Grazia Deledda

Familial and Literary Influences: The Making of Gabriel García Márquez

'Great Santini' Author, Pat Conroy, Dies at Age 70

A Brief Introduction to Howard Pyle

Why Are We So Obsessed with Sherlock Holmes?

Join Us at the 2016 Florida Antiquarian Book Fair!

What Influenced Dr. Seuss?

The Life and Art of Ralph Ellison

What is Leap Year For?

Sir John Tenniel: Illustrator of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Collecting Graphic Novels

How Evelyn Waugh Tried to Save P.G. Wodehouse's Reputation

How To Beat the Bookworm

The Fascinating World of Children's Book Collecting

We Still Have Much to Learn from W.E.B. Du Bois

Recent Literature of the Iraq War

By the Bay: A Literary Tour of San Francisco

Libraries and Special Collections: Visiting the Biblioteca de Montserrat

Legendary Author Harper Lee Dies at Age 89

Alan Paton and Anti-Apartheid Writers

The Trials of Oscar Wilde

Welcome, Mr. Bond: Five Facts About Ian Fleming’s Casino Royale

Top Ten Collectible Presidential Books

More Than Just Cheesesteaks: Five Famous Philadelphia Writers

20 of the Most Romantic Quotes in All of Literature

Scheuchzer and the History of the Biblical Encyclopedia

A Brief Guide to the Works of Judy Blume

The Many Homes of Ernest Hemingway

Collecting Nobel Laureates: Mommsen, Eucken, & Heyse

Libraries and Special Collections: Visiting Libraries in Austria

Johann Jakob Scheuchzer, Unwitting Namesake of a Giant Salamander

Four Things You Probably Didn't Know About Charles Dickens

Interesting Editions of John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men

Are You Ready for the 2016 California Antiquarian Book Fair?

Robert Coover and the Great American Novel You've Never Heard Of

Top Ten James A. Michener Books

Playing with Time on Groundhog Day

Who Is the Real Robinson Crusoe?

Zane Grey: Father of the Western Genre

Richard Brautigan and a One-Man Counter Culture

Draw! Three Famous Literary Duels

10 Timeless Quotes from Pride and Prejudice (And Why They Still Matter)

Five Important Canadian Writers You Should Know

A Brief History of Satire

Remaining Relevant: Top Ten Victorian Novels

I'll Have the Haggis: A History of Burns Night

What Is Physica Sacra and Why Is It Important?

Famous Manuscripts and the History of Handwriting

The Mystery of Mummy Paper

Eight Short Story Writers You Should Be Reading Right Now

Edwidge Danticat's "Other Haiti"

Quiz: Which Winnie-the-Pooh Character Are You?

The Story Behind Benjamin Franklin's Autobiography

I Love L.A.: Five Writers Who Call Los Angeles Home

Creative Expression, Controversy, and Classic French Literature

Author Yukio Mishima's Life and Legacy

Five Things To Know About the Horatio Alger Myth

Finding Winnie and Market Street: The 2016 Caldecott & Newbery Winners

Past Caldecott and Newbery Winners to Read and Collect Now

Interesting Editions of The Wind in the Willows

Karel Čapek and the Origin of the Word Robot

William Morris and the Kelmscott Press

Renaissance Women: Five Harlem Writers You Should Know

The Big Business of Winnie-the-Pooh

Lunatic Science: Umberto Eco's Library

Notable Speeches: The State of the Union and Nobel Lectures

Ten Magnificent Tolkien Collectibles

Six Spot-On Predictions About the Future From Isaac Asimov

Collecting Nobel Laureates: Hermann Hesse and Nelly Sachs

The Best of 2015: Our 10 Most Popular Blog Posts

Five Rare Rudyard Kipling Editions

Five Beautiful Books by Nawakum Press

Borges, Puig, Cortazar: Where to Start with Argentine Literature

Politics and Children's Literature

A Brief History of Banned Books in America

Ten Beautiful Christmas Poems

Five Little-Known Facts About Queen of Suspense, Mary Higgins Clark

Welcome to Beantown: A Literary Tour of Boston

The First Day of Winter: Five Frosty Reads for a Celebration of Snow

Three Victorian Ghost Stories for a Spooky Christmas

How Do Famous Authors Get Their Start?

Announcing a New Scholarship for Rare Book School

Hector Hugh Munro: The Strange Ideology of Saki

More Than Just A Beer in the Glass: An Interview with Brooklyn Brewery’s Garrett Oliver

Beatrix Potter: A Pioneer in Self-Publishing

Edna O'Brien and Her Country Girls

Black Sparrow Reissues Charles Reznikoff Works

A History of Literary Fraud

Collecting Nobel Laureates: Thomas Mann & Herta Müller

The Fantastic Imagination of William Joyce

Emily Dickinson and Three Types of Reclusive Writers

Great Christmas Gift Ideas for Children

Illustrations and Woodcuts of Mary Azarian

Hanukkah Traditions in Literature

The Night Before Christmas: A Pop Culture Rundown

How New is New? Tom Wolfe and the New Journalism

Best Books from Russia

Is Heart of Darkness Racist?

David Macaulay's Books For All Age

Christmas Gift Ideas for Friends and Family

Famous Friendships of Legendary Author Mark Twain

A Reading Guide to Sue Miller

A Quick Guide to the Works of Arthur Miller

Interesting Editions of Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book

On Gratitude: Ten Quotes for a Literary Thanksgiving

All I Want for Christmas Is a Book: An Early Gift Guide

The Birth of Charles Darwin's On the Origin of Species

Shel Silverstein: Five Lessons for Grown Ups

Sweet Home Chicago: A Literary Tour of the Windy City

Mystery Writers of America at the Lilly Library

Don DeLillo and the Power of Marginalia

Quiz: What Type of Book Should You Collect?

The Musical and Satirical Legacy of W.S. Gilbert

Collecting Pop Up Books

The Politics of José Saramago

Collecting Nobel Laureates: Gerhart Hauptmann & Günter Grass

Walking the Tightrope: Five Must-Read Biographies

Collecting Rare Books by Robert Louis Stevenson

A Guide to Ten Classic Children's Illustrators

Thomas Bailey Aldrich: Father of "Bad Boy" Literature

The Vicar of Wakefield: Edition by Edition

Ivan Turgenev and Eight Other Essential Russian Authors

Kazuo Ishiguro: Surprising User of Spontaneous Prose

Deception and Sinister Moments in Children’s Literature

James Bond in Film: Past, Present, and Future

Ten of the Most Beautiful Sentences in Literature

C.K. Williams: A Social Poet

Karl Ove Knausgaard's Revolution in Norwegian Fiction

Ten Things You Didn't Know About The Lord of the Rings

Eloise at 60: The Illustrator Behind the Beloved Character

Five of the Best Halloween Books for Children

Rudolfo Anaya and Chicano Literature

Five Bookish Costumes for A Literary Halloween

Revisiting Brideshead: 3 Surprising Facts About Brideshead Revisited

The Noble, Doomed Search for the Philosopher's Stone

Hardboiled Fiction and Hollywood

Taking Stock of Bonds: The Top Five James Bond Films

Jorge Luis Borges at the Keats-Shelley House in Rome

Four Lesser-Known Poets You Should Know

Henry Wade's Halcyon: Past Fly Fishing With an Eye to the Future

Poor Authors: Great Works Written in Times of Financial Scarcity

Best Books on Italy

Early Versions of Six Classic Novels

Town Named in Honor of Nobel Prize Winner Ivo Andrić

A Reading Guide to Cormac McCarthy

Six Interesting Facts About Günter Grass

How to Begin Collecting Economists

The Origins and Legacy of Winnie-the-Pooh

Visiting the Homes of Pablo Neruda

Quiz: Which Famous Library Should You Visit?

A Quick Look at the National Collegiate Book Collecting Contest

The New York Times Book Review By the Numbers

A Brief History of the Nobel Peace Prize

Collecting Nobel Prize in Literature Winners

James Whitcomb Riley: The Children's Poet

Buying Antiquarian Books in Oslo, Norway

Sixty Years of Eloise: A Child for All Ages

Searching for the Remains of Federico García Lorca

Strangely Familiar: The Invisible Influence of Thomas Wolfe

Libraries and Special Collections: The Tolkien Archive at Marquette University

Are You Ready for the Seattle Antiquarian Book Fair?

A Brief History of the Printing Press, Part II: Toward a Modern Press

Five Interesting Facts About Elizabeth Gaskell

Behind the Scenes: The Making of Doctor Zhivago

What Grazia Deledda Can Teach Us About Contemporary Fiction

The Dramatic Wasteland: T.S Eliot's Forgotten Plays

Yoknapatawpha County and Faulkner's Snopes Trilogy

Five Interesting Facts About F. Scott Fitzgerald

Best Books on Australia

Fay Weldon: An Unfiltered and Unapologetic Voice for Women

From Curiosity to Canon: Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass

The Sublime Silliness of Stevie Smith

A Brief Guide to Collecting Newbery First Editions

Where Samuel Johnson and David Foster Wallace Meet

Top Five Collectible James Bond Novels

Collecting Writers of the Spanish Civil War

And Then There Were 100 Million: Agatha Christie's Legacy

Quiz: Which Famous Book Collector Are You?

The Complex Man Behind Roald Dahl Day

H. L. Mencken: Chief Polemicist and Literary Critic

A Glimpse of Understanding: A Look at Post 9/11 Novels

The Humorous and Absurd World of Medieval Marginalia

Interview About Dust Jackets with David Whitesell

Ann Beattie: The Voice of a Generation

Ari Gísli Bragason Talks About Iceland's Last Antiquarian Bookstore

Libraries and Special Collections: The British Library

I Write Pulp Because I Love It: An Interview with Josh K. Stevens

A Brief Guide to Starting a Rare Book Collection

Almost Undiscovered: An Alison Lurie Primer

Allen Drury: Father of the Political Thriller

What Lessons Can We Learn From The Old Man and the Sea?

Literature and Contemporary Chinese Politics

Narratives of Great Explorers and Their Cathartic Value

Maurice Maeterlinck and the Mystery of Life

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's Notable Quotes

Ira Levin: Coupling the Creepy with the Conventional

A List of Authors' Famous Last Words

Bret Harte, Mark Twain, Pioneer Fiction, and a Play Gone Wrong

Libraries and Special Collections: The New York Academy of Medicine

Visiting Halldór Laxness’s Home

Six Interesting Facts About Ray Bradbury

The Inspiration Behind Herman Melville's Moby Dick

Quiz: How Well Do You Know the Brontës?

The Quotable Ogden Nash

Searching for Antiquarian Books in Kyoto

The Quiet Achievement of Evan S. Connell, Jr.

Bernice Rubens: The Booker Prize Winner Who Was ‘Better Than Most’

Five Interesting Facts About Sir Walter Scott

Tips for Collecting Caldecott First Editions

Resistance Writers During World War II

Why You Shouldn't Dismiss Ian Fleming's The Man With the Golden Gun

A History of Drama as Literature

Jorge Amado's Influence on Brazilian Culture

Interesting Editions of Izaak Walton's The Compleat Angler

Best South African Books

Garrison Keillor: Humorist and Book Lover for Our Times

Five Facts about Alfred, Lord Tennyson

Is There a Doctor in the House? The Maladies of Five Famous Authors

A Brief History of the Printing Press, Part I: Gutenberg to Clymer

P.D. James: An Unlikely Writer

Six Interesting Facts About Isabel Allende

Ten Things You Should Know About Richard Wright

The Birth of the Harry Potter Phenomenon

Best Books on Nigeria

Five Early Stories of The Lord of the Rings

Beatrix Potter: Rebel With a Cause

The Thundering, Cocky Canon of Hilaire Belloc

Right When Other People Are Wrong: George Bernard Shaw's Best Quotes

Interview with Mark Eisner, Translator and Editor of Pablo Neruda

The Apple and the Tree: Three Lesser-Known Literary Families

Raymond Chandler: Making Pulp Serious

Top Ten Children's Books to Beat the Summer Blues

Take a Tour of Zadie Smith’s London

Trigger Mortis: A New (and Authentic!) James Bond Novel

Book-to-Film Adaptations of Adichie’s Novels

William Makepeace Thackeray's Imprudent Marriage

Libraries & Special Collections: Saving Timbuktu's Manuscripts

Should You Read Harper Lee's Go Set a Watchman?

Richard Russo: Defender of the Writing Life

Lust for Life: Irving Stone's Biographical Fiction

Literary Activism: The Influence of Politics on People

The Quotable Henry David Thoreau

What Good Is a Diary?

What’s Your Favorite Curse Word: The Proust Questionnaire's Legacy

Fly Fishing Chalk Stream Rivers with Sir Edward Grey

Shirley Ann Grau and the Importance of Place in Literature

The Inescapable Humanity of The Moon is a Harsh Mistress

Historical Literary Depictions of Sir Thomas More

Libraries and Special Collections: The de Grummond Children's Literature Collection

Quiz: Which Founding Father Are You?

Tom Stoppard: Better to be Quotable Than Honest

Ten Essential Summer Reads

George Sand: Radical Feminist of the 1850s

What’s in a Name: Alternate Names for Three Famous Literary Characters

Top 10 Quotes from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's The Little Prince

Jean Jacques Rousseau: How Hypocrisy Led to Discovery

James Joyce and Company: Sylvia Beach's Literary Table

Beyond Tolkien: A Survey of Modern Fantasy

Libraries & Special Collections: The Vatican Apostolic Library

George Orwell's Prophetic Political Vision

Strange Sandboxes: Unusual Writing Habits of Five Famous Authors

Arundhati Roy Accuses Gandhi of Prejudice

Five Famous Literary Fathers

Man of Macabre: Five Interesting Facts About Ian McEwan

Paul Muldoon: Poetry, Rock Music, and Fine Press

Instant Classic: Salman Rushdie's The Satanic Verses

Browsing and Buying Antiquarian Books in Buenos Aires

An Insider's Guide to Bloomsday

John Hersey and the Journalism Event of the Century

A James Bond Novel Ian Fleming Didn't Want You to Read

Saltwater Fly Fishing: Fresh Takes on an Ancient Sport

Real Events Behind Harriet Beecher Stowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin

Pasternak Archives at Stanford Special Collections

William Styron and Other Critics of Formal Education

Maurice Sendak: A Wild Imagination

When Ernest Hemingway Fought Max Eastman

Quiz: Who Is Your Literary Father Figure?

A Gwendolyn Brooks Primer

Thomas Mann: An Exploration of Philosophy and Practicality

Caldecott Medalist Peter Spier: An Illustrious Career

Libraries & Special Collections: The Poetry Foundation Library

Heinrich Bӧll: Nobel Prize Winner and D-Day Adversary

Carol Shields: Our Literary Neighbor to the North

T.S. Eliot and the Struggle of Faith

Beer Me: Five Writers on America’s Most Famous Beverage

An Interview with David Pascoe of Nawakum Press

Feminist Literature from Iran

When Ian Fleming Met John F. Kennedy

Real Life Examples of Successful Women in Science

Writing between Dogma and Despair: Walker Percy's Catholicism

Ralph Waldo Emerson's Influence: An American Literary Tradition

King's Printers in England: Giving Monarchs a Voice Throughout History

Famous Holocaust Memoirs

5 Surprising Facts about Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Are You Ready for the London Antiquarian Book Fair?

Eight Surprising Hobbies of Legendary Authors

James Boswell and the Power of Biography

Myth, Fairy Tales, & Children: A Brief History of Fantasy

A Brief List of Significant Latin American Writers

The Politics of Exhuming Pablo Neruda

Presidents, Generals, and Munchkins; Oh My! L. Frank Baum's Influence

From Book-to-Film: Books Made Famous by Hollywood

Charles Baxter's Real Life Fiction

Learning About Literature and Partition

From Hester Prynne to Lily Potter: Five Famous Literary Mothers

A Glossary of Publishing Industry Terms, Part IV

Libraries & Special Collections: The Library of Alexandria

JAWS Author Peter Benchley as Ocean Advocate

Quiz: Where Would You Live in Tolkien's Middle Earth?

Robert Browning's Literary Rivalry...with His Wife

Interview with Jared Loewenstein on the Definitive Borges Collection at UVA

Kaye Gibbons: Reconciling Wounds Through Writing

Philip the Good: Early Book Collector, Patron of the Arts

Nobel Laureate Henryk Sienkiewicz and "Quo Vadis"

Five Things You Should Know About Joseph Heller

Carl Friedrich Gauss and The Method of Least Squares

Annie Dillard and the Influence of Henry David Thoreau

Who Is Your Literary Mother?

A Brief History of Postcolonial Literature, Part II

Libraries & Special Collections: And the Oscar Goes to...

Soviet Resistance Literature

Marginalia and Why You Should Write in Your Books

Anthony Trollope, Wanderlust, and How The "Mastiffs" Went to Iceland

Charles Lamb and Retelling Shakespeare

Umberto Eco: Kant and the Platypus

Why You Should Read Charlotte Brontë's The Professor

A Brief History of Postcolonial Literature, Part I

How Best to Begin Collecting Native American Fiction

The Legacy of Gabriel García Márquez

Libraries and Special Collections: Carnegie Libraries

Win $50 Credit with Books Tell You Why

Political Shift: How Kingsley Amis Wrote James Bond

Nobel Laureate, Günter Grass, Dies at Age 87

Meetings of the Minds: Henry James on His Contemporaries

Southern Publishing During the American Civil War

Nobel Laureate Seamus Heaney: Poetry and Politics

Scott Turow: Novelist, Lawyer, and Rockstar

New or Used: A Glossary of Book Condition Terms, Part III

Collecting Postwar Jewish Writers

Charles Baudelaire and French Poetry: A Tradition of Transgression

Stars and Books: A List of Celebrity Book Collectors

Barbara Kingsolver and The Role of a Writer

Visiting Legendary Authors’ Homes: Concord, Massachusetts

Inaugural Poetry: The Influence of Maya Angelou

Washington Irving: Champion of American Literature at Home and Abroad

Jane Goodall, Children's Books, and the Unburdening of Knowledge

Emile Zola's Twenty-Novel Experiment

Four of the Earliest (and Most Remarkable) Publisher's Dust Jackets

Andrew Lang: Rooted in Children's Books, Fairies, and Anthropology

Ian Fleming and the Thunderball Court Case

Literature and Dictatorship in the Dominican Republic

Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Sherman Alexie

Small Publishers - Champions of Classic, Strange, and Fine Press Books

Tennessee Williams and the Catastrophe of Success

Flannery O’Connor and the Civil Rights South

Libraries and Special Collections: An Interview with Cristina Favretto

LGBT Activism in the San Francisco Poetry Scene

From Homer to Borges: A List of Blind Writers

A Recent History of Children's Literature in America

James Joyce on Henrik Ibsen: When Genius Recognizes Genius

Exploring Philip Roth's Memorable Protagonists

Sex, Trash, and Eminem: Five Interesting Facts About John Updike

Libraries and Special Collections: The Chester Beatty Library

Caring for Rare Books Bound in Vellum

A Glossary of Book Terms Part II: The Art of the Book

A Writer with a Gun: Ambrose Bierce and American Short Stories

Poetry: All in the Family for Stephen Vincent Benét

Sir Thomas Malory: Arbiter of English Mythology?

Join Us at the Florida Antiquarian Book Fair!

Douglas Adams: Turning Science Fiction into Comedy

James Bond and the Recusant Catholic Connection

A Collection of Bookish Humor

Bret Easton Ellis and the Darker Side of Literary Fiction

Case Studies in Collecting: Louisa May Alcott

A Brief History of Book Auctions

Announcing a New Internship Opportunity

Libraries and Special Collections: The Old Library & The Book of Kells

Tom Wolfe: Fiction, Journalism, and An Uncertain Legacy

Buying Antiquarian Books in India

Winston Churchill: A History Twenty Years in the Making

Poetry and Jazz: The Night Sylvia Plath Met Ted Hughes

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Master of Poetry and Historical Fiction

John Steinbeck the Environmentalist: Writing and Nature

The Hunchback of Notre Dame: Gothic Literature at its Finest

An Interview with Rollin Milroy of Heavenly Monkey

Anais Nin: The Other Kind of Journalist

Birdsong: The Legacy of Zitkala-Ša

Jonathan Safran Foer's Lessons from the Past

How to Identify First Editions by Grosset & Dunlap

Reclaiming Babel with Nobel Laureate, Toni Morrison

A Brief History of African American Literature

Fly-fishing 101: Seriously, Can You Outsmart a Trout?

Love in Literature: The Top Ten Classic Romances

Henry Adams, the Five of Hearts, and the Shrouded Woman

A Glossary of Book Terms Part I: The Anatomy of a Book

Authors in Exile Part II: Voltaire's Return to Paris

Catalog of Rare & Early Dust Jackets Available & Highlights from the Collection

Libraries and Special Collections: The Library of Congress

J. M. Coetzee and the Politics of Otherness

A Beginner's Guide To Collecting Comic Books

Five Interesting Facts About Sinclair Lewis

Charles Dickens: First Modern Celebrity & Pioneer of the Farewell Tour

William S. Burroughs: A Writer on the Margins

Five Outstanding African American Authors

Congratulations to the 2015 Newbery and Caldecott Winners!

A Brief History of the Dust Jacket

Are You Ready for the 48th California Antiquarian Book Fair?

Tolkien Spotlight: The Adventures of Tom Bombadil

An Interview with NCBCC Winner Audrey Golden

The Six Wives of Norman Mailer

Isaiah Thomas, the American Antiquarian Society, & Other Resources

Collecting Signatures & Modern Firsts: An Interview with Vance Morgan

Juliana Berners and the Creation of Fishing Literature

Through the Looking Glass of Lewis Carroll: Master Photographer

Collecting Jorge Luis Borges at the University of Virginia

Celebrating Nobel Laureate Derek Walcott

Arthur Miller: International Playwright

Ian Fleming, Real-Life Secret Agent and World War II Commando

The History and Techniques of Marbled Paper

Libraries and Special Collections: The Abbey Library of St. Gall

17 Essential (and Authentic) Winnie-the-Pooh Quotes

Undercover Art: Gabriel Garcia Marquez's Clandestine in Chile

Benjamin Franklin, Founding Father and Publisher

Eight Decades of the Randolph Caldecott Medal

Case Studies in Collecting: The Hunchback of Notre Dame

The Power of Language: Emile Zola and the Dreyfus Affair

Albert Schweitzer's Nobel-Worthy Reverence for Life

The Global Appeal of Haruki Murakami

Charles Perrault: French Aristocrat and... Mother Goose!

Rare Collection of Early Dust Jackets Available for Purchase

Ten Interesting Facts About Jack London

A Night with Teju Cole and Salman Rushdie

Karel Čapek: Sci-fi Genius, Nazi Nemesis & Creator of the Word "Robot"

Re-Writing War: Famous Literature About Modern Warfare

Caring for Handwritten Documents

An Interview with NCBCC Winner Katya Soll

10 Surprising Facts about Umberto Eco: Comic Books, Crime, & Trumpets

Libraries and Special Collections: The Beinecke Library at Yale

A Brief History of Poetry

Top Ten Blog Posts of 2014

The Bloomsbury Group: Its Influence on the 20th Century and Beyond

A Brief History of Serial Fiction

The Challenge and Reward of Collecting Rudyard Kipling

Jerome Kern: Colossus of Musical Theater and Rare Books

Aesop's Fables and Slave Narratives: Reactionaries and Revolutionaries

Literary Christmas Traditions: Celebrating with Books and Letters

A Quick Guide to "The Woman Warrior" by Maxine Hong Kingston

Ashurbanipal: The First Bibliomaniac

Libraries and Special Collections: The Bodleian Library

The Birth of "Mark Twain": His First National Article

The Ten Most Readable Newbery Medal Winners

Ian Fleming's Banned Book and the Unexpected Gravity of James Bond

Victor Canning: Forgotten Rival of Ian Fleming

Top Ten Collectible Christmas Books

J.R.R. Tolkien's Epic Quest: Writing The Lord of the Rings

Defining Science Fiction: Arthur C. Clarke, Robert Heinlein, and Isaac Asimov

A Collector's Guide to The Night Before Christmas

Louise Erdrich: Making Ojibwe Language and Culture Relevant to Readers

Aphra Behn: The First English Novelist?

Top 10 Children's Books for the Holiday Season

Making Science Personal with Jane Goodall

An Interview and Tribute to Caldecott Winners, Berta and Elmer Hader

Charles van Sandwyk: Captivating Books of Exceptional Artistry

Ten Facts About Caldecott Winner, James Thurber

How to Collect Books in Foreign Languages

Gifts and First Editions for $100 or Less

John Steinbeck: Marine Biologist?

Charles Dickens and Christmas: The Haunted Man and the Ghost's Bargain

Nine Caldecott Winners for the Winter Season

An Interview with Sheree Nielsen: Author of "Folly Beach Dances"

Eloise: Spunk & Spirit for the Holidays and Beyond

Four Life Lessons from Winston Churchill

Ten Things You Might Not Know About Mark Twain

The Pilgrim Press: From Illegal Printing to Thanksgiving

Libraries and Special Collections: Treasures at Your Local Library

Collecting Modern First Editions: An Interview with Siep Kuijpers

How Elizabeth Gaskell Saved Charlotte Brontë's Reputation

Mark Twain, Prankster Journalist

The Kennedy Assassination: Conspiracy Theories & the Warren Commission

Isaac Bashevis Singer, Tireless Author and Indefatigable Self-Promoter

Songs for the Philologists: The Ultimate Tolkien Collectible

How Apartheid Shaped Nobel Laureate, Nadine Gordimer

10 Interesting Facts about Margaret Atwood

Eight Authors Who Were Famous Before Thirty

Lunar Landings: Adventures of Alan Bean and Pete Conrad on Apollo 12

Robert Louis Stevenson, A Life in Quotes

The Extraordinary Adventures of Astrid Lindgren's Pippi Longstocking

Five Books to Include in Your Umberto Eco Collection

Ten Things You Should Know About Kurt Vonnegut

Oliver Goldsmith: Not Quite a Goody Two-Shoes

Ten Facts You Should Know about Margaret Mitchell

A Brief History of Bram Stoker and His Horror Classic, Dracula

Sinclair Lewis' Nobel Prize: a Critique of the American Establishment?

Book Collecting Basics: Pirated Editions

Stephen King's Carrie in Literature and Film

Lady Chatterley's Lover on Trial: Literary Classic or Pornography?

The Short, Full Life of Stephen Crane

The Fascinating Inspiration Behind Favorite Horror Novels

Orson Welles and the "War of the Worlds" Broadcast: A Nation Duped?

Harry Houdini: From Vaudeville Performer to World-Class Magician

Top 10 Reads for Halloween

How James Boswell Revolutionized Copyright Law

A "Marriage of True Minds": Famous Author Pen Pals

A Brief History of the Pop-Up Book

How Pat Conroy's Writing Destroyed and Healed His Family

Anne Tyler: The Pulitzer Prize, Bare Feet, and Index Cards

Case Studies in Collecting: Captain Stormfield's Visit to Heaven

Five Books That Brought Michael Crichton Fame and Fortune

Doris Lessing and the Power of Life-Long Learning

Out at First: The History of the World Series Novel

John le Carré: From Spy to Spy Novelist

Philip Pullman, Impassioned Storyteller for All Ages

How Terry McMillan Got Her Groove Back

The Fickle Fortunes of Oscar Wilde

The Princess Bride Back in the News

The Impressive Levity and Longevity of P. G. Wodehouse

Libraries and Special Collections: The Folger Shakespeare Library

Elmore Leonard Goes to Hollywood

Patrick Modiano, Winner of the 2014 Nobel Prize in Literature

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn: A Noble Fight and Nobel Prize

The Most Interesting Man You've Never Heard Of: Fridtjof Nansen

For the Love of the Game: Collecting Golf Books

Blurring Political Lines: Gabriel García Márquez

Collecting Rare Books FAQ: Ex-Library Copies

Children's Book Week in the UK

Winston Churchill, Nobel Laureate in Literature?

Anne Rice and Her Religious Struggles

The Audacious Gore Vidal: Novelist, Essayist, and Provocateur

Wallace Stevens: Corporate Executive and Pulitzer Prize-winning Poet

Laura Esquivel's Recipe for Success

The Unrealized Promise of Truman Capote, Author of In Cold Blood

Picaresque Authors from Cervantes to Bellow

T. S. Eliot: Nobel Laureate and Voice of the Lost Generation

The PEN/Faulkner Award And Notable Winners

The Enduring Controversy of the Warren Commission

The Great Gatsby's Rocky Road to Popularity

A Thousand Faces of Jane Smiley

H. G. Wells, Father of Science Fiction

Case Studies in Collecting: Stephen King

Ten Facts You Should Know about Jane Goodall

William Golding: From the Darkness of War to Man's Latent Evil

Resources for Identifying First Editions

Ken Kesey, Writer of the Counterculture and Beat Generation

James Alan McPherson, First African American to win a Pulitzer Prize

A Brief History of the Mystery Novel

Make Way for Ducklings... and Robert McCloskey

Roald Dahl: Beloved Children's Author and Spy

Who is Michael Ondaatje, Author of the English Patient?

Should O Henry Get a Presidential Pardon?

The Short, Controversial Life of D. H. Lawrence

Leo Tolstoy: From Troubled Marriage to Contradictory Worldview

Download Free Guides about Rare Book Collecting

10 Surprising Facts About Jennifer Egan: Proust, Steve Jobs & Twitter

Raymond Benson, the First American writer of James Bond

The Adventurous Life of Arthur Koestler

Famous Figures in the History of Bookbinding, Part Two

Richard Wright and His "Native Son"

Six Classic Novels Censored in the United States

Famous Figures in the History of Book Binding

Edgar Rice Burroughs, Controversial Author in Every Era

Mary Shelley: From a Scandalous Affair to the Creation of a Monster

Tasha Tudor, Classic Children's Illustrator

Robertson Davies, Would-Be Nobel Laureate

Theodore Dreiser, Pioneer of Naturalism

The Inflammatory Martin Amis: An Accomplished Author with a Sharp Tongue

A. S. Byatt, Acclaimed Writer and Grieving Mother

The Legacy of Jorge Luis Borges

Exploring British History: The Jacobites' Last Stand

The Many Hats of Science Fiction Author Ray Bradbury

Why Annie Proulx Dislikes Literary Awards

How Nabokov Wrote His Masterpiece, Lolita

A Quick Guide to Bill Clinton and His Autobiography, My Life

Jonathan Franzen vs. Oprah Winfrey

V.S. Naipaul and Other Writers Who Hated Their Biographies

Celebrating the 75th Anniversary of The Wizard of Oz

How Julia Child Transformed American Cooking

Mark Twain, Harriet Beecher Stowe, and the Byron Scandal

Steve Martin: Comedian, Musician, and Writer

Harold Pinter and The Proust Screenplay

The Founding of the Smithsonian Institution: Increasing & Diffusing Knowledge

Doyle Brunson- Poker Legend!

Jonathan Kellerman's Journey from Psychologist to Bestselling Author

Alex Haley, Best-Selling Author and Embellisher?

General John Wool: From Bookseller to War Hero

Top Ten Spacey Posts: From Astronauts to Science Fiction

Knut Hamsun: Nobel Laureate and Nazi Sympathizer

Dennis Lehane - Pushing Genre Limits Since 1994

Isabel Allende: The Interesting Life of a "Raging Feminist"

Civil Rights Activist and Author, James Baldwin

Herman Melville: Literary Giant Who Died in Obscurity

Ten Facts You May Not Know About J. K. Rowling

Jane Eyre and Other Classic Bildungsromans

Collector Spotlight: Enhancing a Collection with Signatures and Artwork

Six Famous Horror Novels Based on True Stories

Famous Authors Who Ventured into Screenwriting

Franz Kafka: A Dark and Surreal Tale

A Retrospective on Suspense Novelist John D. MacDonald

Collector Spotlight: Acquiring an Authoritative Stephen King Collection

John Gardner and the Art of Fiction

Ten Tidbits About Ernest Hemingway

The Controversy Behind Neil Armstrong's Moon Landing Speech

5 Great Exploration Stories: From Everest to the Moon

Ten Things You Didn't Know About Cormac McCarthy

Ephemera and Your Rare Book Collection

Remembering Nobel Laureate, Nadine Gordimer

Success in Private: Four Famously Reclusive Authors

Merry Christmas... In July!

Gerald Ford, President by Accident

Wole Soyinka, Irrepressible Nobel Laureate

Henry David Thoreau, Environmentalist and Abolitionist

J. K. Rowling Writes New Harry Potter Story

Celebrating Alice Munro, Nobel Laureate

Dean Koontz, A Collectible Writer with Staying Power

Philadelphia: Hotbed of Early American Politics--and Printing

The Dalai Lama, Spiritual Leader in Exile

The Founding Fathers, The Nation's First Book Collectors

Famous Authors Who Changed Their Names

Nobel Laureate Wislawa Szymborska's Poetry of Contradiction

A Cup of Chocolat with Joanne Harris

Book Collecting Basics: Can I Read My Rare Books?

Why Collect First Editions?

Collecting Icons of Southern Literature

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn & These 10 Writers Did Too

Henrik Willem van Loon, Newbery Winner and Political Activist

Pearl S. Buck, Humanitarian and Writer

The Booker Prize: Prestige Amid Controversy

Dickens in the Dictionary: Neologisms Coined by Legendary Authors

Collecting Modern First Editions: Lawrence Block

How Do I Identify a Facsimile Dust Jacket?

Dan Brown - Hugely Successful Author - Failed Songwriter

Jean-Paul Sartre: A Man of Being

Ian McEwan: From Troubled Childhood to Critical Acclaim

Collecting Chris Van Allsburg - Awarded Children's Books

Eight Facts You Might Not Know About Salman Rushdie

Seminal Moments in Book Collecting: The Roxburghe Sale

Joyce Carol Oates: A Life of Productivity and a Very Busy Twitter Feed!

Five Famous Father-Child Author Duos

How Harriet Beecher Stowe (and Lincoln) Freed the Slaves

Who Was the Real Miss Moneypenny?

William Styron: Confessions of a Southern Writer

Maurice Sendak and the 'In the Night Kitchen' Kerfuffle

10 Interesting Facts about Saul Bellow

LeRoy Neiman: A Colorful Character Indeed!

A Collector's Overview of Orhan Pamuk

Fantastic Father's Day Gift Ideas

Authors in Exile: Creativity in a Land far from Home

Larry McMurtry, a Collected Book Collector

Reginald Skelton: Discovering Antarctica

Peter Burnett, a Racist Abolitionist

Dante Alighieri: Trip through the Afterlife for One, Please!

Walt Whitman: A Life of Poverty, a Legacy of Success!

Mark Twain and the Most Famous Children's Book in Europe

Top Ten: Ian Fleming and James Bond

Dashiell Hammett, Father of the Hard-Boiled Detective Novel

Sally Ride, Astronaut and Author

Rare Book Collector Spotlight: Tips for Collecting Rare Books and First Editions


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