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Top Books by State: Rhode Island

By Adrienne Rivera. Mar 16, 2023. 10:07 AM.

Topics: American Literature

Today our literary road trip throughout the nation takes us to the smallest state in America: Rhode Island. While small, Rhode Island is full of beautiful scenery, containing forests and numerous islands just off the coast. While one of the thirteen original colonies, it is unique for being settled by Roger Williams who sought to escape religious persecution. The state was a haven for those in religious and political exile, earning it the nickname “Rogue Island.” Rhode Island was the first state to renounce British rule, furthering its rogue reputation, and even resisted signing the Constitution as many of the citizens preferred a weaker government. Now known as the “Ocean State,” Rhode Island is known for it beaches, bays, and inlets as well as for being an industry hub. Most recently, it has become one of the first states to fully embrace legislation geared toward helping the environment, with a plan to have zero emissions by 2025. Join us as we continue our Top Books by State series by examining some of the best books set in Rhode Island:


Top 10 Phrases Inspired by Shakespeare

By Adrienne Rivera. Mar 15, 2023. 10:07 AM.

Topics: Legendary Authors, Literature, History, Drama

William Shakespeare is arguably the most influential playwright in the English canon. Born in 1564 in Stratford-upon-Avon, he moved to London sometime in the 1580s, where he began a career as an actor and eventual playwright. Most of his works were performed between 1590 and 1630, after which he returned home and passed away at forty-nine. Shakespeare's career spanned histories, comedies, tragedies, and poems that not only captured the imagination of the common folk but also two different monarchs: Queen Elizabeth I and King James I. His works have inspired generations of writers not just in theme, but that's not the only impact of his work. Shakespeare is credited with coining hundreds of phrases still part of the English language today. Join us as we take a look at the origin of some of the common Shakespeare phrases you've likely heard or even used recently:


Remembering Children's Book Author Patricia MacLachlan

By Adrienne Rivera. Mar 9, 2023. 10:07 AM.

Topics: Children's Books, Movie Tie-Ins

Beloved children's book author Patricia MacLauchlan passed away at her Massachusetts home on March 21, 2022, at 84. Mac Lachlan was born in Wyoming and moved to Minnesota when she was five for her father’s job as a philosophy professor. She attended elementary school and high school in Connecticut after the family relocated again.


Top Books by State Series: Texas

By Adrienne Rivera. Mar 7, 2023. 10:07 AM.

Topics: Pulitzer Prize, American Literature

The next stop on our literary road trip throughout the United States is Texas. Texas is America’s second-largest state and is accordingly full of a variety of cultures, foods, and histories. Today’s books focus on people living in Texas during different but equally tumultuous times. Join us in the next edition of our Top Books by State series by taking a look at these books inspired by different times and people throughout Texas’ rich history:


The Best of Umberto Eco

By Adrienne Rivera. Mar 2, 2023. 8:39 AM.

Topics: Legendary Authors

Prolific writer and scholar Umberto Eco was born in Italy in 1932. He was greatly influenced by his experiences of Fascism in Italy and of growing up during German occupation during World War II. Though it was his father's wish to become a lawyer, he studied history, literature, theology, and philosophy at the University of Turin, graduating with a degree in philosophy in 1954.


Top Books by State: Washington

By Adrienne Rivera. Mar 1, 2023. 8:29 AM.

Topics: Awarded Books, American Literature, Movie Tie-Ins

The Pacific Northwest is one of the most beautiful locations in the United States. Lush evergreen forests, mountains, beaches, ocean views, rainy weather, and incredible cities are all hallmarks of the great state of Washington. Today, we focus in on two highly different books whose books highlight this verdant landscape, making the setting just as much of a character as the characters themselves. Join us today in our Top Books by State series as we take a look at two books set in Washington:


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