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The History of the Book, Part Two

By Kristin Masters. Jan 21, 2013. 3:27 AM.

Topics: Book Collecting, Book History

Last week we traced the history of the book up through the Middle Ages, exploring the evolution of books from stone tablets to codices. This week we'll finish our historical journey with a look at some of the key developments in the book's history.


The History of the Book, Part One

By Kristin Masters. Jan 14, 2013. 2:53 AM.

Topics: Rare Books, Book Collecting, History

The history of the book begins with the development of writing and continues to develop with each passing day. This week we'll explore the book's ancient beginnings and trace it through the Medieval period.

Meet Brien Beidler, Charleston's Newest Book Binder!

By Kristin Masters. Jan 9, 2013. 1:17 AM.

Topics: Rare Books, Book Collecting, Book Care

Here at Books Tell You Why, we love all things Charleston, especially the Charleston Library Society. Recently the Society opened up a new bindery and asked an emerging talent in the book binding world to take its helm. At 22, Brien represents a new generation of dedication to rare and antiquarian books. Brien was kind enough to chat with us about how he discovered the craft of book binding, the projects he's worked on, and the future of his craft.


Q & A with Pieter Collier, JRR Tolkien Expert

Today is the birthday of legendary author JRR Tolkien. To celebrate the day, we sat down to talk with Pieter Collier, leading Tolkien collector and scholar. Since 2002, Collier has maintained The Tolkien Library, a website dedicated to all things JRR Tolkien. Collier has been fascinated with Tolkien since childhood, and he's built an incredibly impressive collection around the author.


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