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Banishing Dirt from the Rare Book Library

By Kristin Masters. Jun 26, 2012. 2:00 AM.

Topics: Rare Books, Book Collecting, Book Care

If you’ve found rare books in unlikely places, such as garage sales or in long forgotten boxes, you’ve probably also encountered books that are in less than pristine condition. These books may be valuable—and downright dirty. But should you clean these rare books, or leave the dirt as “part of the book’s patina”?


Surprise! These Legendary "Adult" Authors Have Written Children's Books

By Kristin Masters. Jun 21, 2012. 4:34 AM.

Topics: Legendary Authors, Children's Books, James Bond

Many of our favorite legendary authors built their reputation around writing “serious literature for adults.” But that doesn’t mean that these authors don’t have a more playful side—you’d be surprised at which of your favorite authors have also written books for children.


Celebrating Salman Rushdie

By Kristin Masters. Jun 19, 2012. 2:22 AM.

Topics: Literature

Today is the birthday of Salman Rushdie, the controversial author whose works explore the connections—and dissonances—between East and West. Rushdie’s novels, essays, and other works have set him apart as one of the greatest authors of our time.


The ABCs of Collecting ARCs and other Pre-First Edition Volumes

By Kristin Masters. Jun 12, 2012. 3:42 AM.

Topics: Rare Books, Book Collecting

If you’ve built your rare book collection tightly around one author, or if you enjoy seeing the evolution of your favorite titles, you may be interested in collecting pre-first editions. These include advance reading copies (ARC’s), galleys, and uncorrected proofs, items that certainly bring new interest and dimension to your rare book collection. 


Happy Birthday, Saul Bellow!

By Kristin Masters. Jun 8, 2012. 4:22 AM.

Topics: Book Collecting, Literature, Nobel Prize Winners

Bellow was the only to win the National Book Award three times, and one of few to win the Pulitzer Prize, the Nobel Prize for Literature, and the National Medal of Arts. A quick look at some of Bellow’s best known works:


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