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Philip Pullman Rekindles the Fairy Tale

By Kristin Masters. Sep 25, 2012. 7:35 AM.

Topics: Rare Books, Book Collecting, Children's Books

This week Philip Pullman's Grimm Tales: For Young and Old hits the shelves. The tome includes 50 what Pullman considers the "cream of the crop" of Grimm's Kinder- und Hausmärchen (Children's and Household Tales), along with a brief history and commentary by Pullman.


A Brief History of Children's Literature

By Kristin Masters. Sep 20, 2012. 3:46 AM.

Topics: Children's Books

Since the beginning of time, adults have entertained children with stories and fables. From these folktales developed an elaborate tapestry of children's literature. Today children's literature encompasses multiple genres and appeals to readers of every age. Let's take a look at a brief history of children's literature.


The Many Illustrations of JRR Tolkien's Works

When he first published The Lord of the Rings, JRR Tolkien could not have predicted that his tales would not only revolutionize the genres of sci-fi and fantasy, but also transform the world of literature. Indeed, his works have transfixed generations and inspired a series of visually stunning motion pictures.


John Gardner: The (Other) Man behind 007

By Kristin Masters. Sep 13, 2012. 4:54 AM.

Topics: Book Collecting, Literature, James Bond, Movie Tie-Ins

The character of James Bond has fascinated and entertained generations, and many of our favorite 007 tales come not from Ian Fleming, but from his successor. John Gardner was both ambitious and talented enough to take up Fleming's mantle. Over the course of his authorial career, Gardner would write 14 original James Bond novels and compose the novel versions of two James Bond movies.


The Life and Legacy of John Steinbeck

Few authors have captured the zeitgeist of twentieth-century America as John Steinbeck did. This legendary author built a name for himself with his depictions of rural California, the Dust Bowl, and the Great Depression. But his wide interests--from marine biology to history--resulted in an incredibly rich literary legacy.


Collecting Books as Objects of Art

Many collectors build their libraries around a specific genre, author, or even titles. But in the world of rare books, books are often collectible for more than merely their content; they are beautiful objects of art in their own right. From decorative bindings and illuminated manuscripts, to intricate etchings and hand painted illustrations, the art and craft of books can be truly breathtaking.


Protecting Your Rare Books: Maintaining the Right Environmental Conditions

Regardless of where you live, maintaining the ideal environmental conditions in your personal library presents specific challenges. Conservation of rare books requires keeping your library at a certain temperature and humidity.


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