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The Dalai Lama: Leader, Peacemaker, and Author

By Kristin Masters. Mar 27, 2012. 3:14 AM.

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In March 1959, the people of Tibet were in revolt, rallying for independence from China. But the Chinese government squashed the revolt. The Dalai Lama fled his country and sought refuge in India, where he has resided ever since. Jump forward about fifty years, to March 2011: the Dalai Lama officially announced his retirement as the head of the Tibetan government.

Dalai Lama

During the intervening decades, Tibet did not gain independence, but the tiny region did gain additional sovereignty. The Dalai Lama has been a critical figure in this transition. Meanwhile, he’s also played a central role in carrying the message of peace and hope around the world.

Dalai Lama as Author

In addition to traveling the globe, the Dalai Lama has spread his message through the written word. Here’s a partial bibliography; you’ll find several of these titles among our new arrivals:

Intriguing History and Tradition

The relative obscurity and intricacy of Tibetan culture have long fascinated the Western world. Austrian mountaineer Harold Harrer’s Seven Years in Tibetdocuments his days in Tibet from 1944 to 1951. The book was so popular that it was made into a 1997 film starring Brad Pitt.  Numerous mountaineers and adventurers have also chronicled their expeditions through Tibet with Sherpa guides.

For the rare book collector, the Dalai Lama’s books and books about Tibet offer an incredible glimpse into a history, culture, and tradition that still holds untold mystery.

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