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A List of Bookish Firsts

By Joachim Koch. Apr 4, 2010. 6:17 AM.

Topics: Book History, Book Making

For joint record keeping, here's a list of bookish firsts:


  • First dated woodcut: The Brussels Virgin, of 1418. (Pictured at right, and now thought to have been from circa 1460s.)
  • First dated engravings: The Berlin Passion, of 1446.
  • First dated etching: Urs Graf's Girl Bathing Her Feet, of 1513.
  • First dated mezzotint: Ludwig von Siegen's portrait of the Landgravine Amelia Elizabeth, of 1643.
  • First lithograph: made by Alois Senefelder, at Munich, in 1797.
  • First dated printing from movable type: Papal Indul¬gence, of November 12, 1454 (probably printed at Mainz).
  • First dated book printed from movable type: Psalter, Mainz, Fust & Schoeffer, 1457.
  • First dated book with woodcut illustrations: Boner's Edelstein, Bamberg, Pfister, 1461.
  • First dated book with engraved illustrations: Bettini's Monte Sancto di Dio, Florence, Laurentii, 1477.
  • First dated book with woodcuts by a known artist: Breydenbach's Peregrinations, Mainz, 1486, illustrated by Erhard Reuwich.
  • First dated book with illustrations printed in color: Sacrobosco's Sphaera Mundi, Venice, Ratdolt, 1485.
  • First dated book with engravings by a known artist: Ptolemy's Cosmographia, Rome, Buckinck, 1478, with plates by Conrad Sweynheim.
  • First dated book with engraved maps: Ptolemy's Cosmographia, Rome, Buckinck, 1478, with plates by Conrad Sweynheim.
  • First book printed in Roman type: probably Durandus's Rationale, Strassburg, (Rusch, about 1464).
  • First book printed in Italic type: Virgil, Venice, Aldus, 1501.
  • First use of Greek type: in Lactantius, Subiaco, Sweynheim & Pannartz, 1465.
  • First book printed in Greek type: Laskaris's Greek Grammar, Milan, Paravisinus, 1476.
  • First music printed from type: in Higden's Polychronicon, Westminster, DeWorde, 1495.
  • First book with names of printers: Psalter, Mainz, Fust & Schoeffer, 1457.
  • First title page: in a Papal Bull, Mainz, Fust & Schoeffer, about 1463.
  • First dated title page: in Rolewink's Sermo in festo praesentationis beatae virginis, Cologne, ther Hoernen, 1470.
  • First title page giving name of author, title, place, printer or publisher, and date: Regiomontanus's Calendar, Venice, Ratdolt, Loslein & Maler, 1476.
  • First decorated title page: Regiomontanus's Calendar, Venice, Ratdolt, Loslein & Mater, 1476.
  • First signature marks: in Johann Nider's Expositio Decalogi, Koelhoff, Cologne, 1472.
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Source: A Guide to An Exhibition of the ARTS OF THE BOOK. Wm. Ivins, Jr., Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1924, New York

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