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Spooky Reads for Halloween

Have you chosen a costume? Stocked up on candy? Planned that trick-or-treating route? That’s right…Halloween is almost here. The myths and tales of Halloween have long captured our imagination, making the holiday a perfect match for book collectors. Classic spine tingling reads are consistent book collecting favorites.

Chilling Tales of Horror

For the Halloween enthusiast, the traditional horror story may be the best fit for this spooky season. Edgar Allan Poe and Mary Shelley set the precedent for tales of the supernatural, and modern authors have followed their lead.
  • Anne Rice’s legendary Vampire series arrested our attention long before Twilight ever did. These novels weave history with the epic tale of vampires.
  • Stephen King never fails to delight—and frighten—his readers. From Carrie and Christine to The Shining and Misery, King’s novels invoke fear on both the page and the big screen.
  • Dean Koontz has delivered countless frightening tales of the supernatural and horrifying. His thrillers include a series based on the classic tale of Frankenstein.
  • No list of modern horror writers would be complete without Thomas Harris, mastermind behind The Silence of the Lambs series and others. Harris has become an icon among modern authors.

For the Younger Crowd

Halloween isn’t only about ghosts, monsters, and murder. The holiday is also about imagination, magic, and fantastic creatures. If you love the more whimsical side of Halloween, consider these favorites.
  • The Harry Potter series brings us to a fanciful world of a young wizard. These novels, by JK Rowling, are sure to remain favorites for generations to come.
  • Cornelia Funke’s Inkworld trilogy transports us to a land of dragons and magic. The award-winning author masterfully captivates young audiences
  • The Graveyard Book, by Neil Gaimans, earned the author both a Newbery Medal and a Hugo Award. The novel tells the story of Nobody Owens, a boy raised in a graveyard….by ghosts!

Which books top your must-have list for Halloween?

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