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Book Binding: A Lesson from the Fifteenth Century

By Kristin Masters. Aug 10, 2011. 2:39 AM.

Topics: Book Making, Book Care

By Bruce Levy

During my tenure at the Harry Ransom Humanities Center (HRHC), I encountered countless texts from all over the world. Despite the variety of printed texts, most books are built with relatively standard techniques.


Q & A with Bruce Levy

By Kristin Masters. Jun 8, 2011. 2:37 AM.

Topics: Book Making, Book Care, Learn About Books

This week we are happy to welcome Bruce Levy, a renowned book conservator. Since 1980, Bruce has worked with high-end rare book dealers, collectors, and institutions throughout the United States.


Q & A with Sean Richards

By Kristin Masters. May 11, 2011. 3:08 AM.

Topics: Book Care, Learn About Books

This week we introduce Sean E. Richards, of the Byzantium Bindery. Sean is a true craftsman who specializes in book restoration and conservation. He combines modern conservation methods with traditional techniques to deliver superior results.


Book Collecting Basics: Ditch the Dust Jacket?

By Kristin Masters. Mar 30, 2011. 2:00 AM.

Topics: Book Collecting, Book Care

If you’ve ever purchased a hardcover book, you’re probably familiar with the dust jacket or, depending on which side of the pond you are, the dust-wrapper. Indeed, they’ve been around since the 1820’s! These paper coverings are designed to protect a book’s cloth cover as the book travels from the publisher to your bookshelf.


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