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History of Children's Literature: Politics and Pinocchio

By Jennifer Michelle. Oct 13, 2013. 9:00 AM.

Topics: Umberto Eco, Children's Books

If necessity is the mother of invention and diligence the mother of good luck, then the father of Pinocchio was a benefactor of both. Carlo Collodi was a fiery Florentine political activist who wrote The Story of a Puppet begrudgingly as a magazine series. In its original form, La Storia di un Burattino (1881) is a fast-paced, real-world, often cruel tale of the peril and spite of young Pinocchio. Collodi is said to have disliked children and had none of his own; the Pinocchio he originally wrote and the Disney film we are most familiar with are strikingly different.


Legendary Authors in Academia

Most great authors hold other jobs during their journeys to literary acclaim: Edgar Rice Burroughs sold pencils; JD Salinger was entertainment director on a luxury liner; and Ken Kesey volunteered for CIA psych tests. But what about after legendary authors have earned prestige and recognition? Many of them have turned up on the faculty at illustrious universities. 


Father's Day Gift Ideas for the Rare Book Lover

Next month in the US, we'll celebrate dads and all they do for us. Though Fathers Day isn't until June 16, many of us are already looking for the perfect Father's Day gift. If your dad is a lover of rare books, these items may be just the ticket.


Finding Poetry in Unlikely Places

By Kristin Masters. Apr 17, 2013. 4:04 PM.

Topics: Legendary Authors, Umberto Eco, Poetry

April is National Poetry Month, and beautiful verses are popping up everywhere. Many noted authors have also written poems, which are often much lesser known--and therefore more scarce. These volumes are lovely additions to an author-specific or poetry collection.


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