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Top Ten Spacey Posts: From Astronauts to Science Fiction

By Anne Cullison. Aug 4, 2014. 9:00 AM.

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On August 5, 1930, the day Neil Alden Armstrong was born, the stars were still a distant object of wonder. No one could have possibly imagined that the little boy born that day would one day be the first of only a handful of men to walk on the moon. The stars, the moon, and space exploration have remained objects of fascination for people the world over. Take a moment and be fascinated yourself with our ten best articles about space.


  1. Milestones in Space Travel

    For most of human history, the sky, the stars, and the moon were all an otherworldly mystery to those observing it from the face of the Earth. Some people believed that the celestial bodies were deities watching over them. Some thought that the stars could tell a story or form a prophecy when read correctly. Others found surprisingly accurate ways to learn about space without ever leaving the solid ground beneath their feet. Progress was slow until a major breakthrough occurred in 1957. A satellite was launched into Earth’s orbit, and the Space Age began. Nothing would ever be the same again. Read more >>

  2. Sally Ride, Astronaut and Author


    On June 18, 1983, Ride ascended into space via the Challenger, becoming the first American woman to go into space. Her assignment was working a robotic arm that helped release satellites into space.  Ride returned to space a year later and was scheduled for a third trip; however her mission was quickly cancelled after the Challenger disaster in January of 1986. Ride continued to work with NASA founding NASA’s Office of Exploration and wrote an article formulating their new strategy and main objectives of study and exploration. Read more >>

  3. Celebrating Fifty Years of Space Exploration

    In 1962, America remained locked in the Cold War with Communist countries, most importantly Russia. With Russia'’s successful launch of Sputnik on October, 1957, a new kind of competition began. President John F. Kennedy officially made the space race a national priority in 1961, when he vowed that the US would send a man to the Moon by the end of the decade. Yet the US lagged behind Russia, managing only a few short suborbital flights —while Russia sent a dog, and then a man, into space. Read more >>

  4. Buzz Aldrin, Authorial Astronaut

    Buzz_AldrinWhile not the first man to walk on the moon – the second – Buzz Aldrin’s impact on space travel was nothing short of extraordinary. After retiring from service he has gone on to write two autobiographies and 4 books. Aldrin was born January 20, 1930 to a career military man and his wife, Marion. Nicknamed “Buzz” when his sister called him “buzzer” instead of “brother,” he served in combat during the Korean War as an Air Force fighter pilot and went on to become the second human to walk on the surface of the moon. Read more>>

  5. Ten Things You Didn’t Know about the First Lunar Landing

    On July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong and Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin left Michael Collins to man the Columbia and took the Eagle to the surface of the moon. Think you know all about the Moon and the lunar landing? Bet you haven'’t heard these ten tidbits.  Read more>>

  6. The Controversy Behind Neil Armstrong's Moon Landing Speech

    On July 20, Armstrong climbed down the ladder from the lunar module and became the first person to set foot on the Moon. At that moment, he spoke one of the most famous quotes of all time: "That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." But how spontaneous were these immortal words? Read more>
  7. Five Great Exploration Stories: From Everest to the Moon

    What makes a great exploration story? Is it bold? Is it real? Or is it just something that makes you experience your very own adrenaline rush? Here are five of the best exploration and adventure stories out there, including The First Crossing to Greenland, The Conquest of Everest, and Men from Earth. Read more>

  8. Neil Armstrong, Astronaut and Author

    lunar_landingOn August 5, 1930, Neil Alden Armstrong was born near Wapakoneta, Ohio. The future astronaut would be the first man to walk on the moon, and go on to become an author. Following his career as an astronaut, Armstrong turned his attention to the written word. His books are popular among lovers of science, space exploration, and biography. Armstrong's authorial credits include biography and even a children's book. Check out these ten things you probably didn't know about Armstrong. Read more>

  9. Remembering Neil Armstrong

    On August 25, 2012, the world lost a truly great man: Neil Armstrong. The first man to walk on the moon, Armstrong inspired a nation--and generations--with the hope and excitement of space exploration. Armstrong joined the space program and relocated his family to Houston, Texas. Armstrong was the command pilot for his very first mission, the Gemini VIII. During the mission, Armstrong and colleague David Scott successfully docked their vehicle with the Gemini Agena, the first docking of two vehicles in space. The mission was cut short due to technical problems, and the pair landed in the Pacific less than 11 hours after the mission began. Read more>

  10. Isaac Asimov, Legendary Author of Science Fiction

    Isaac Asimov, legendary author of science fiction, celebrated his birthday on January 2.  Asimov immigrated to Brooklyn, New York with his family and he permanently retained a strong New York accent, a feature just as distinctive as his legendary mutton chops. The author made many futuristic predictions but is less well known for his flying phobia and using the nom de plume Paul French. Read more>

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