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Ten Essential Summer Reads

By Matt Reimann. Jul 2, 2015. 9:00 AM.

Topics: Modern First Editions, Rare Book Gift Ideas

It’s summer, and readers do what everyone else does when the weather’s nice — they go outside. But what book to pick? The answer isn't always straightforward. The spirit of summer may be a little more difficult to pin down than that of, say, Christmas. But we insist it's not hard to find the perfect book to enjoy on the beach, in your garden, or at a vacation home this season. Below, we’ve compiled some of our favorite summer reads to make your decision a whole lot easier.


An Interview with Sheree Nielsen: Author of "Folly Beach Dances"

By Andrea Koczela. Dec 1, 2014. 9:00 AM.

Topics: Book News, Rare Book Gift Ideas

Sheree Nielsen is an award-winning writer and author of Folly Beach Dances: a collection of photography, poems, and prose. The book is more than just gorgeous photography and lyrical poems, it's an escape to the beach, and how every living being or thing dances with the rhythm of the sea and the changing tides. In the following interview, Sheree shares with us her inspirations for Folly Beach Dances, including her own fight with lymphoma.


Eloise: Spunk & Spirit for the Holidays and Beyond

Have you met Eloise? If not, allow me to introduce you. Eloise is a precocious little lady. She lives with her nanny and her pets - a dog and a turtle - at The Plaza Hotel in New York. Eloise is spunky and mischievous, and she spends her days adventuring in and around the hotel when she’s not traveling. Eloise is the epitome of a know-it-all, because, at six years old, she of course, knows it all. Her escapades are detailed in her own words over the course of four classic children's books. 


Fantastic Father's Day Gift Ideas

By Kristin Masters. Jun 4, 2014. 2:29 PM.

Topics: Rare Book Gift Ideas

If you're searching for the perfect gift for your father, perhaps you should consider adding a special volume or two to his bookshelf. After all, what dad wouldn't prefer a little James Bond to another boring tie? 


Small but Mighty Miniature Books

Good things do often come in small packages.  Miniature books are quite literally books that are very small.  Miniature books are typically like any other book inside, but printed on a smaller scale- usually with all of the same text and illustrations that a traditional book would contain, just much smaller.  Although the current definition of a miniature book is anything measuring less than three inches in width or length, their history is anything but small.   


Izaak Walton, Iconic Angler

By Kristin Masters. Jul 12, 2013. 4:10 PM.

Topics: Rare Books, Fishing, Rare Book Gift Ideas

In the world of fishing literature, no figure has endured as Izaak Walton has. His masterful work, The Compleat Angler, has become a true classic in the genre. A friend of famous figures like John Donne and Charles Cotton, Walton built a name for himself not only as a fisherman, but also as a poet and biographer. He's a beloved figure to this day, and collectors strive to add his works to their personal libraries.


Father's Day Gift Ideas for the Rare Book Lover

Next month in the US, we'll celebrate dads and all they do for us. Though Fathers Day isn't until June 16, many of us are already looking for the perfect Father's Day gift. If your dad is a lover of rare books, these items may be just the ticket.


Mother's Day Gift Ideas Perfect for Rare Book Lovers

By Kristin Masters. May 6, 2013. 2:44 PM.

Topics: Poetry, Rare Books, Rare Book Gift Ideas

Mother's Day is just around the corner in the US, and it's time to pick out the perfect gift for moms and grandmothers. Consider these Mothers Day gift ideas if your mom loves special and rare books.


Rare Books and the Bard

Today we celebrate the birthday of legendary author William Shakespeare, whose works have inspired countless generations of readers and writers. Shakespeare has been adapted innumerable times for various editions and performances, but a perennial favorite among rare book collectors is Tales from Shakespeare (originally published in 1807) by Charles and Mary Lamb. The pair sought to make Shakespeare truly accessible to children through this work.


Holiday Books for Readers of All Ages

By Kristin Masters. Dec 12, 2012. 5:34 AM.

Topics: Children's Books, Rare Book Gift Ideas

Clement Clarke Moore forever changed our Christmas traditions with his iconic poem, A Visit from St Nicholas, now better known as The Night before Christmas. Thanks to Moore, Christmas became a more child-centered holiday, with gifts and goodies for the younger generation.


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